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Industry Interaction under Consult Clinic

Written by Administrator Sunday, 23 September 2012 22:20

Consulting Club, IIM Indore | Association of Industries, MP | Indore Management Association

The Consulting club of IIM Indore, as part of Consult Clinic, an initiative to extend consultancy to Indore based Small and  medium enterprises, organized an industry interaction on 17thSeptember 2012 at 5:30 at MSME, Polo Grounds, Indore with assistance from Association of Industries, M.P, guided by Mr. Rakesh Jain from IMA. The primary purpose was to present the proposition on how mutually beneficial projects, involving the current problems faced by the industries, can be for the students of IIM-Indore and for the overall betterment of Indore based SMEs. The meet was presided over by Mr. Ashok Badjatiya and Mr. Vinay Kalani from Association of Industries, MP, and witnessed participation of over 25 SMEs and 13 consulting club members. They emphasized on the need for an external advisory source in today’s times for SMEs of Madhya Pradesh and the value that can be created when the practical experience of SMEs is supplemented with the knowledge base of the students. We addressed the audience with details of this initiative, our varied set of activities and a description of the projects we have done in the past. We spoke on the birth of the initiative in Jan’12 and the club successfully taking up 4 projects in the last academic year. The club has plans to take up more projects this year. We talked at length on benefit to the students and more importantly, the SME’s in the long run. The club would also be hosting a SME consulting competition ‘Neethisastra’ to be held during the last week of October at Ahvan, which would again strengthen ties with these SMEs. While interacting with SME owners on individual basis, their problems were discussed at length and simultaneously an interest form was filled with the necessary details. They committed to cooperation which is really important to take the initiative forward, and showed a lot of zest and enthusiasm throughout the meet which concluded at 7:30pm.




Connect the Dots

Written by Administrator Sunday, 26 August 2012 23:04

The event ‘Connect the Dots’, which was the second competition in the academic term 2012-13, conducted by the Consulting Club, IIM Indore, witnessed a participation of over 100 teams from PGP-1 participating in groups of two or three per team. The event spanned over 90 mins was conducted in the Old Auditorium.

This event consisted of 3 compulsory rounds which tested participants on their analytical, problem solving and reasoning ability. Round 1 was mainly focused on logical and analytical skills of participants. It consisted of crossword, Ciphers and Matrices which the participants attempted with lot of zest and fervor. Round 2 aimed at assessing the deduction and inferential skills of participants. Each team was required to find logical inconsistency with a given pool of data. In Round 3, each participant was to fill in the tree diagram for problem solving approach for a given situational problem. This tested clarity in the basics across domains and how the participants use them to come about a structured solution for the problem at hand.



Zenesys Consulting

Written by Administrator Tuesday, 31 July 2012 23:31

Consulting Club, IIM Indore in association with Zenesys Consulting, organized a workshop for PGP1 participants. The workshop was focused on exploring and understanding a career in consulting. The speaker, Mr. Karan Ahuja is a Strategic Management Practitioner and Trainer by profession. One of the partners at Zenesys Consulting, he has a postgraduate diploma in Management from IIM Lucknow. He has previously worked as a business analyst in PWC, Datamonitor and Cairn Energy. He has been conducting workshops at various B-schools as a part of Zenesys Consulting for quite some time.

He introduced the consulting industry to the participants telling them about the type of consulting firms and roles they offer. He also conducted SWOT assessment of career in consulting. Last but not the least, he explained how to develop key skills and showcase them to potential recruiters. With regard to this, he described the Zenesys Fitment Test administered to judge type of consulting role a student can fit into.

The workshop saw good participation from PGP1 (over 330 participants) where they were enlightened about the realities of consulting career. Many students raised their doubts on different issues that were pertinently clarified by the speaker.

A similar workshop was organized for PGP2 participants. As most of the students had prior work experience and knew the basics of consulting industry, the speaker covered the topics in more depth. He took examples from the students themselves and related them to current situation.


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